What Is Education?

What Is Education?.

What Is Education? Education may be defined as a form of learning or having knowledge about something what one didn’t know. It is a mean through which knowledge, beliefs, values, thoughts, and skills blows from the generation to generation. Formally here the knowledge on different fields is spread over through story, gossiping, discussion, training, teaching etc. In a broad sense people of all age and stages are usually to learn something

implicitly or explicitly.what is education According to the etymological base we find that the word “education” is derived form the Latinēducātiōfrom ēdūcō which means “I educate” or “I train”. Here it is clear that what we understand by the word “education” was expressed by the Latin ēdūcō. So it is finalized that the word “education” is involved with learning. Learning process is not postponed for at least a moment in case of people of any age and stage. From the ancient social trends education has been an interesting field of pleasure. On this subject many scholars commented differently with a different view of thought and fillings. We may have different expression on education with different language from different scholars when we ask, “what is education?” – See more at: http://studyandjobs.com/education/#sthash.0IjauRIl.dpuf


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